Anacon cc was established in 1986 through the identification of the need for a competative alternative supplier of consumables and equipment within the African continent. Although we are primarily active in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Anacon has a wide consumer base in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Mozambique and is always looking to expand. We supply consumables for all makes of Spectrophotometers including but not specific to: Varian, GBC, Perkin Elmer, Jarrel Ash, Hamamatzu, Altex, Amersham Pharmacia, Unicam, Barspec, BAS, Beckman, Biorad, Bitronic, Carlo Erba, Cecil Insts, Coleman, Dionex, Dupont, Dynamax, Erna, Gilson, Hewlette Packard (HP), Hitachi, IBM, IFCO, Jasco, Joyce Loebl, Kontron, LDC, Linear, Perspective Biosystems, Pharmacia, Phillips, Pye Unicam, Scientific Systems Inc., Severn Analytical, Speck Analytical, Spectra Physics, Thermo Seperation, Turner, Waters and Zeiss. Anacon is also responsible for suppling and maintenance of rebuilt atomic absorption spectrophotometers and other equipment. Rebulit equipment is available with a full service contract and comes with 100% money-back gaurentee. We also offer a number of short and long-term rental options which can be tailored to your specifications. Anacon is always interested in expanding into other African countries and increasing our product lines so if you would like more information about our products and servicing in your country or if you feel you have products which we may be interested in adding to our product line then please contact us.

Welcome to the Anacon website. This site serves as our product listing as well as an interface between our company and you the consumer.

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This site is divided into the following sections: Product Lines; Learn; Downloads; Site Map; Reseller Opportunities; and Web Specials.

The 'Product Lines' section of the website contains details about our product lines such as Hollow Cathode Lamps, Deuterium Lamps, Cells or Cuvettes, Graphite Products, and ICP/AA standards. This section also allows the user to browse our range of rebuilt AA and GC instruments which are available for either via our once-off purchase agreement or one of our short- or long-term rental agreements.

The 'Learn' section of the website is dedicated to educating you, the customer, on the products and instruments which ANACON cc sells. A number of links are provided and this section is intended for both beginners and experienced AA and GC users alike.

The 'Downloads' section of the website provides useful downloads such as the operating currents for our 1.5" and 2" Hollow Cathode Lamps ranges as well as a downloadable version of our deuterium lamp equivalents lists.

'Reseller Opportunities' contains opportunities for qualified resellers to include certain Anacon products in their product portfolio.

'Web Specials' will offer periodic special offers for Web Based enquiries. Register with us for pre-alerts, as some specials only last for as long as stock is available.

Finally, the Anacon 'Site-Map' provides a summary of all pages available on this website.

We hope you enjoy your stay and please make use of our quotation only system which enables an enquiry to be made and sent via this website to a member of the Anacon staff. Once received, the Anacon staff will make every effort to respond to your query with a quotation within 2 working days.

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